“I met Ariel in June of 2015. I was 37 at the time and very much unconcerned with my mental and physical health, but what started out as a three session trial has so far lasted 5 years. I had not been interested in working out or wanting to live in a gym, and I mostly disliked those who did.

            Ariel was the first trainer I met who concentrated mostly on the mental aspect. I had neglected my body to such an extent that even basic movements would hurt or cause discomfort. This resulted in a weak mental attitude that affected every part of my life. Ariel built me from the ground up. The way he trains is gentle and works over the long run. His patience and knowledge has given me the mental strength—as well as the physical—to take on new challenges in my personal life.

            Five years on, I am in the best shape of my life. My body isn’t muscular like that of a bodybuilder, nor have I lost much weight, but my body can do whatever I ask of it. Ariel continually adds new methods to his practice, which I get to benefit from. In the 5 years of knowing him we have worked on weights, GMB, Animal Flow, CAR's and, more recently, Fighting Monkey techniques. I am now 43 and very much looking forward to continuing training with Ariel.”


Eyal Burstein