“For years, when I heard the words “personal trainer”, I had images in my head of loud gyms with exercise coaches who would rather check their phones than check your form. I knew this wasn’t for me, but I desperately needed to re-train parts of my body that had begun to ache and develop tendonitis from years of improper use. I didn’t feel that this type of healing and strengthening was a task for just any trainer. By coincidence, my friend started talking about how his personal trainer had changed his life. One thing led to another, and now I’m three months into training with Ariel.


Ariel’s classes have made me understand what real and lasting progress is. I’ve enjoyed the feeling of really coming into my own body for the first time. My previous wrist and shoulder pains are already a thing of the past, and on top of that, I’ve felt a total transformation of everyday tasks like walking or standing. I didn’t realize before how rusty my joints were, or how a lack of flexibility/mobility could be the source of a lot of discomfort or general tiredness. From day one, Ariel made it a top priority to address these physical challenges.


Ariel is kind, patient, calming and knowledgeable. His type of training is free of trends or gimmicks and is instead full of real transformative movement and mind/body connection that can really revolutionize your quality of life. My goal at the beginning was to feel capable, free and healthy in my body. I already feel this in a big way, just three months in. It’s exciting to think about where I’ll be after a year of training with Ariel. I can’t recommend him enough!”