“I am an entrepreneur and always very busy with work and travels. Gyms and machines don’t speak to me, nor do books about healthy nutrition. With Ariel I found the perfect personal trainer. His training is 100% individual, no bullshit and reduced to the max. He always challenges me with the exactly right thing at the exactly right time. He is equipped with knowledge and exercises from an impressive 360° range of disciplines: gymnastics, Calisthenics, Tai-Chi, meditation, joggling, nutrition, etc. Although you work hard and gently push your limits, training with Ariel always feels light and fun. And after every single lesson you realize that you learned a lot and that you made progress. You not only feel proud making results within weeks in strength, coordination, movement and awareness—he helps you prepare for the remaining 40 to 60 years of your life. He wants you to become a physically and mentally strong and healthy human being. I am beyond thankful for Ariel’s support.”


Laurent Burst, 41