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“My apprenticeship, for a lack of a better term, with Ariel has been a soul-stretching, eye-opening and heart-expanding experience. We have worked on such a wide range of practices, but at the same time it has been all connected. For years I had been looking for an inspiration to get up and do the things that my mind and body desired, but for which I lacked the motivation. When I started with Ariel, it awakened a sense of commitment that I never knew I possessed.


It took a bit less than a month to get into the head space, since I came from a “wild” type of lifestyle, but after that I was drug and tobacco free, eating as clean as ever, and having a clear goal in mind, which naturally just became my drive. In the following two months, with the help of GMB technique, Animal Movement, and some fundamental tai-chi/qigong stuff, I shed down stiffness and rust that I had been carrying around for years.


The sessions were also supported by a lot of bodyweight strength-building and sometimes good ol’ fashioned gym sessions for fun, and in about four months, I was a lean smooth iron machine, jumping on fences and hanging from bars on the railway for a minutes at a time.


Ariel became a brother and a close friend of mine, and I would like to think that he is capable of having that connection with every good, dedicated student, because he is passionate about what he does, and when he sees that in front of him, it lights his fire. The whole process helped me gain physical strength and, through that, so much mental and emotional strength and flexibility. In the bottom line, I give it to Ari for helping me change my life in the exact way I wanted to change it. The gift I gained through working with him is immensely valuable, and I am forever changed by it."


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