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Training with Ariel

Ariel Ron offers people of all ages and abilities the tools to take control of their bodies and thrive. A movement coach based in Berlin, with video clients around the world, Ariel is on a lifelong journey to understand the full potential of the human body. From gymnastics to dance, martial arts to meditation, he continually explores disciplines both ancient and modern, translating his learnings into accessible, actionable skills to share with his clients. By instilling a diverse range of capabilities, he helps them develop the most important skill of all—the ability to adapt creatively to life’s continuous changes and challenges.


It all begins with the basics of coordination, rhythm, applicable mobility (flexibility plus strength) and play. Ariel believes that movement is a form of nutrition for the body. By instilling the basics and methodically building upon them, with a focus on the personal needs and goals of each individual, he helps his clients achieve physical autonomy on their own terms. The benefits include not only greater health, longevity and quality of life, but the freedom to play, explore, discover and achieve with confidence.

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“I give it to Ari for helping me change my life in the exact way I wanted to change it. The gift I gained through working with him is immensely valuable.”


“His dedication to understanding the body holistically and his talent for applying that knowledge to each body that he works with is unique and unparalleled.”


Life-changing. That’s the way I would describe working with Ariel. For the first time, at the age of 50, I’m beginning to understand the potential of my body.


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“The more I learn and evolve, the more I realize how much there is to discover. I do not consider myself a ‘personal fitness trainer’. As I see it, I’m changing peoples’ patterns—both mental and physical/mechanical. I want my students to feel free, powerful and capable in their own bodies, applying everything they do with me to their daily lives, and understanding that this isn’t a quick fix but a holistic approach to changing habits and mindset for the better. There will be struggles and frustrations, but my students learn to recognize these as an important and productive part of the process, leading to growth and improvement


I strive for longevity—for prolonging health and quality of life. This is why I mainly teach the basics, the foundations. They’re sustainable. They're what you can and should do when you’re 98 years old. It’s also why I emphasize the importance of awareness, attentiveness, exploration, playfulness, observation and reflection. Appreciate your body. You have functioning limbs, organs, eyes, connective tissues, cells. Celebrate your vessel by refining and improving your connection to it, knowing it’s still serving you.”



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About Ariel

Born and raised in Jerusalem, Ariel first began working with clients almost two decades ago under the mentorship of Misha Hoskivadza. After moving to Berlin, Ariel shifted focus to bodyweight disciplines, movement and mobility. A certified instructor in GMB (Gold Medal Bodies), Animal Flow and MovNat (Natural Movement), as well as a FRCms (Functional Range Conditioning mobility specialist) and an FRAs (Functional Range Assessment specialist), he is currently being mentored in the Fighting Monkey discipline by founder Josef Frucek. But for Ariel, certifications are secondary to the time spent learning, experimenting and exploring. He is driven by a passion to apply his knowledge and see his clients thrive.
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Ariel Ron offers group online training, 1-on-1 online training and, for clients in Berlin, 1-on-1 private training. He also offers workshops and intensives. Click one of the options below to get started with Ariel.

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